Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude pdf

Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude pdf for CAT

Preface to the First Edition

Over the last few years, as a trainer of CAT and other aptitude tests, I have felt the need for a comprehensive book on the subject. Students appearing for the CAT and other aptitude tests usually struggle for appropriate study material to prepare for this vital section of the examination.
This book comes as a humble attempt to fulfil this gap.

Structure of the book
The book is divided into 19 chapters and five test papers. Each chapter is divided into three broad parts:
(a) Theory
(b) Solved examples
(c) Chapter end exercises (LODs I, II & III), with answer key
The questions in the chapter end exercises have been categorised into three levels of difficulty, viz, Level of Difficulty I, Level of Difficulty II and Level of Difficulty III.

Contents of Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude pdf

First Things First Developing Your Calculations

Chapter 1: Additions and Subtractions (As an Extension of Additions)
Chapter 2: Multiplications
Chapter 3: Divisions, Percentage Calculations and Ratio Comparisons
Chapter 4: Squares and Cubes of Numbers

Block I Numbers

1.Number System
2. Progressions

Block II Averages and Mixtures

3. Averages
4. Alligations

Block III Arithmetic and Word-based Problems

5. Percentages
6. Profit & Loss
7. Interest
8. Ratio, Proportion and Variation
9. Time and Work
10. Time, Speed and Distance

Block IV Geometry

11. Geometry and Mensuration
12. Coordinate Geometry

Block V Algebra

13. Functions
14. Inequalities
15. Quadratic and Other Equations
16. Logarithms

Block VI Counting

17. Permutations and Combinations
18. Probability
19. Set Theory

How to Prepare for QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE for CAT- Arun Sharma

Book Name How to Prepare for QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE for CAT
Author Name Arun Sharma
Publisher Name McGraw Hill Education
Chapters Written Above
No. of Pages 920
Size 22 MB
Format PDF

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Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude pdf

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